Incubation Lab

Working with research partners to co-create revolutions.

In line with our commitment to bringing the very best in educational technology to the world, SZIV recognizes the vital need for ongoing, collaborative research and development.

We seek to integrate SHO-zemi's intense dedication to excellence in classroom teaching with support for innovative scientific research and development that offers new insights into how the world thinks, learns and understands.

To help further this goal, we're contributing to research projects with some of the world's leading universities and educational institutions, enhancing understanding in such areas as:

  • cognitive, social and situational approaches to learning; particularly in the areas of concentration, attention and understanding
  • data science and statistics
  • ADHD and brain-based approaches to learning difficulties
  • life-long learning
  • computer-supported and collaborative learning

The potential impact of novel technology is magnified by our parent company's unrivalled network of 200 schools and 30,000 students in Japan, and our firm belief in learning for a lifetime.


What our partners say about us

With their ability to scale, and willingness to innovate, SHO-zemi ranks among the most exciting educational research opportunities. I look forward to continuing my collaboration with the research team, both in developing an agile data science infrastructure and also in extending SHO-zemi's impressive culture of peer assessment and evaluation among their teachers.

Dav Clark, Ph.D.

Data and Learning Scientist, Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) and D-Lab

We love supporting innovative, high-quality research, and are incredibly proud to partner with SHO-zemi to better understand the potential use of exciting technology in education.

Kelsey Kerlan

Research Coordinator, Lumos Labs, Inc. (

As an educational economist, I have been closely working with teachers and managers at SHO-zemi, where approximately 30,000 students are studying with 2,000 passionate and remarkable teachers within well-designed curricula. Teachers and managers at SHO-zemi have placed much emphasis on the role of scientific evidence drawn from statistical and empirical analyses. Working with them and contributing to students' learning by using my knowledge and skills as an educational economist is a golden opportunity for me.

Makiko Nakamuro, Ph.D.

Educational Economist, Keio SFC Nakamuro Lab